Trial Activation

Hello Guys, How do I get a trial version (Dorico Pro 2) activation code? I’ve downloaded and installed the software and selected trial version at start up, but it is demanding an activation code. I’ve tried the other 10lb Gorillas (other leading notation software) but I am sorely disappointed with them. I want to test drive Dorico before purchasing to see if it is the 600lb Gorilla that I’m searching for. Thanks for any assistance.

Wait patiently. Dorico 3 came out a few weeks ago and (as is Steinberg company policy) the Dorico 3 trials aren’t available yet. It seems that the Dorico 2 trials have been discontinued in preparation for the new Dorico 3 trials, but if you’re lucky someone from the team might send you a Dorico Pro 2 trial code via private message. If you’re even luckier, the Dorico 3 trials will appear shortly.

I’m amazed at the expedience of your response. Thanks! Unfortunately, my mac OS has peaked out at 10.11.6 and is therefore not compatible with Dorico 3. I’m praying that someone from the team can forward a DP2 trial code. Thanks again for your help!

I will send you a code via PM, Joel.