Trial and DVD 1/2 - Different sizes? Also, corrupt download.

Hi all,

  1. I want to try GA4, but when I download the trial (on windows 7) with the link sent to me by Steinberg, the file seems corrupt. I can not extract it. (tried downloading again, same problem) :neutral_face:
    What is the solution here?

  2. Furthermore, while the e-mail I received with the link to the trial version, says clearly that the trial version is exact the same as the full version, I see here that (apart from the update to 4.2) there are two iso files to download, which are combined a lot bigger (about 8GB) than the 4GB trial installation file??? :open_mouth:

Are all the kits included in the trial version or not? Has this to do with different compression?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Same problem here for Mac, please fix, Iโ€™m stucked in my work.

@ Plockroy

you should check your filesystem. If it is formatted in FAT 32, the max filesize is 4 Gbyte.
That might be the problem.

I have now redownloaded to an win7 PC and moved the iso-files to my MAC. No problems this time. I donโ€™t know what failed earlier today.

Thanks Cubander, but my system is NTFS.
I managed to get it to work now: I downloaded the files on the groove agent download page. (instead of the download link Steinberg sent me).
Then I mounted with Alcohol 120% and I could install, and register with the trial serial Steinberg sent me.