Trial C10 problem

Hi. A problem with the C10pro trial. In the MIDI editor, the pencil writes with an offset of half a tone up. When I draw G-I get G#. The same problem with the allocation. To highlight a MIDI note, I have to grab it by the bottom, otherwise it doesn’t stand out. It is very inconvenient, it is impossible to use trial, returned to version 9.5. If this is only a trial problem, then tell me it is. Otherwise what’s the point to upgrade? Thanks


What OS do you use? What screen setup, and what screens do you use? Any HiDPI? On which screen is Key Editor shown? Do you use any GUI scaling (on Windows)?

Windows 10 LTSC 1809 64 dit, 4 monitors setup, no scaling, shown on main screen. In cubase 9.5 is normal. Update 10.15 have same problem.