Trial Demo problem(s)

Tried downloading what is termed PadShop Pro Trial. Whilst downloading it was always referred to as Padshop not PadShop Pro. No activation code appeared to be supplied when I received the e-mail link to download the demo installer. The installation itself appeared to go ok. Took 4 to 5 minutes in total. I wasn’t sure what to do about the eLicence stuff as I’ve never come across this sort of thing before. The one intervention I made during the installation
process was to specify Program Files/Steinberg as the destination folder and not the Application Data folder that it wants to default to. I can see the Padshop.dll file and put it into my DAW’s vst folder. The DAW is EnergyXT. Padshop is then listed in the DAW vst browser window. But when I attempt to drag it into the DAW main page and start a new track I get the error message ‘VST failed to open’. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same problem occurs. I see the minimum spec indicates Windows 7 or 8. My Operating System is Vista. Is this the problem? The laptop is dual core with 2GB RAM and 120GB hard disk so apart from the OS if does just conform to the minimum spec. Any ideas anyone?It’s been one of those Frustrating Fridays - so close to trying out this supposedly excellent vst ,but currently unable to.

I’m running PadShop Pro on Vista32 with Reaper with no problems at all. I dunno what’s causing your problem but I don’t think it’s Vista.

Just going by memory here. When I tried the demo I let it install as it wanted, I didn’t change any of the installation folders … and I did use the eLicenser. There was no separate transmittal of an activation code. My thought is that it’s included in the demo and auto detected by the eLicenser.

If you didn’t use the eLicenser I think that’s likely your problem … dunno about changing the installation folders though.