Trial downloading questions

I tried to download a trial version of Dorico 3; the application only, not the sounds etc. because I need the trial version while I wait for new USB dongles. Must I download the sound stuff etc. for the trial version to work?
Now the Steinberg Download Assistant looks odd; wrong titles (see picture), just kind of “tokens”.
Something has happened during the download or what?

Now I found the installer wich I downloaded earlier today and tried to install the application, and got this message. (See attachment)
I closed the only Steinberg application I had open, the Download Assistant, and tried again - no luck.
Skjermbilde 2019-10-14 kl. 22.43.19.png

… and now this: “The installer found an unknown error that caused the installation to fail. Ask the software developers for assistance.”

The installation problem can almost certainly be solved by restarting your computer and then running the installer before you run any other applications on your computer. You don’t have to download the sound content for Dorico to run, but obviously you will either have to configure your own sounds, or you will hear nothing.

Thanks, Daniel (and Leo N. on Facebook). Strange, but luckily: After restarting the computer today, the eLicencer Controll Center suddenly behaved normal again! I did the maintanence and launced Dorico with no trouble right after! I tried the same thing many times yesterday, and other things, with no luck. My usb dongle now seems fine again, and I have bought two more - so next time I get into this trouble I’ll surely have the weapons ready for zero downtime!

I’m having the same weird text issue with the Download Assistant. It started after it updated itself. I’m running Windows 10 so it seems the issue occurs on both Mac and Windows.
This is how it looks now:

I’ll ask our SDA development team if they have any ideas about what might be going on.

Our SDA developers are looking into the problem, and ask what language you are running your operating system is, and what version of the OS you’re running? They think it might be that the software is failing to fall back to English in languages where there are no dedicated translated strings for the user interface.

I’m running Windows 10 1903 64 bit and the OS language is Dutch.

Thanks for the additional info. Our team fixed this problem yesterday and released a new SDA update that should show the correct English strings when the specific language of your operating system is not explicitly handled.