Trial errors


I’m trying the trial and found the following bugs or questions:

  • In the engraving options, most pictures are missing.
  • When I try to import a MusicXML Band score from Sibelius, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet etc. are in bass clef even if it’s in transposed mode. Is it possible like in Sibelius that it is in bass clef when displayed in concert pitch but in treble clef when transposed? Where are the options to define instrument definitions?
  • Is it possible to change a solo instrument to a section instrument?
  • The playback doesn’t seem to play slurs.

These are the first remarks, expect more to come when I have more time testing it…

Hi, old_toby.

I will try and answer to you, because I feel you have not been looking for answers in the forum, and I do not want Dorico’s team to repeat themselves…
For the first question, you might be more specific. I have many pictures showing in my version (which is exactly the same as yours), maybe you should post a png with the pages you want to be developed.

MusicXML is not a perfect format, it is already a little miracle that it exists, to allow us to open files in different proprietary format apps. It is normal that you do not find the music in the exact way that you wish. However, if something seems a problem for you in this area, I think here is the place to discuss it, because D’s team read all the messages posted here and they could make the software better. I do not think we can change the default behavior of instruments.
The best way to change a solo instrument to a section instrument would be — I think — create a new section instrument and cut paste the content of the solo instrument in it.
The playback does not play slurs, right now. The Playback section is being worked on, there are many improvements to come.
Hope it helps !

Hi Marc

  1. See the attached image. All pictures in all categories are missing. This just seems to be a bug. If it runs, it also uses the Windows standard icon, so there might be a similar problem.
  2. This is something that is possible in Sibelius and what I use often. For example for dutch band music publishers you need to make parts for trombones in b flat bass clef, so you should be able to change instrument definitions. Also, if it is not possible to display a contrabass clarinet in bass clef if it’s in concert pitch but in treble clef if it’s transposed (like it is in Sib), it would be bad to read.

Well, you are right, you have a bug !!! My software does not display such things. I hope someone from Dorico will help you have the complete display !

old_toby, I think there must be some kind of problem with your installation for the pictures in Engraving Options not to appear. Can you try uninstalling Dorico and running the installer again?

Dear Daniel. I uninstalled everything an deleted all Steinberg folders, then reinstalled everything. The problem remains…

Very odd. It suggests that Dorico can’t render SVGs on your computer. Can you tell me anything about your system configuration?

Dear Daniel

Yes, it’s a brand New HP ProDesk 400 with Windows 10 preinstalled. Is there o complete list of places where Dorico saves data on the computer? Maybe I can try to clean it better before I reinstall.

Could you attach a screenshot of what files are located in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico? I wonder whether somehow the required DLL to allow Qt to render SVG files is missing. I don’t have a Windows computer here in front of me, but I believe there’s a folder called ‘plugins’ that contains another folder called ‘imageformats’ or ‘imagefilters’ or similar: what files are in there?

Ok, the screenshots are attached.

Everything looks OK there at first glance. Can you tell us anything more about your hardware? Do you have an especially high-resolution screen or anything else that is a bit unusual about your system, that you can think of?

Well, no. The thing is, it is a very normal stock computer with the preinstalled Windows 10, the screen is 1920x1080, also quite standard. I bought it one month ago, so I didn’t have that much chance yet to mess up the system.

You don’t need to do that - HP probably did a pretty good job of messing it up before you bought it :wink:

(I have about as much respect for HP as Daniel does for Avid - having gone through the experience of being on the receiving end of a multi-million deal for HP computing kit when they knew perfectly well that the warranty and service contract elements of the package were worthless, because they had already stopped manufacturing replacement parts and just wanted to dump the last boxes off the production line onto any suckers that would buy them. They were also in secret negotiations to take over our outsourced IT support company, though we didn’t know it at the time - so with hindsight it’s not surprising a bunch of so-called independent consultants were so keen to recommend HP over any other supplier…)

Time was when HP made brilliant quality electronic test gear, and pretty good printers. Not any more, IMO!

Rob, I can surely understand your point. But I don’t think that would be the problem here. The OS is a plain Windows 10 without any additional preinstalled crap like special trial software or special desktop backgrounds (It was a refurbished demo computer of a computer shop so they probably just installed a clean Windows 10).

I’m really baffled. I can’t think of what could cause these graphics not to draw properly on your system. I will ask my colleagues in the development team if they have any ideas, and will report back when I can.

Unfortunately, HP (and Compaq before they merged) had a nasty habit of producing hardware that only “worked” with their own customized versions of Windows etc. And essential components like the motherboard are HP-manufactured parts, and quite likely cunningly designed so that standard motherboards won’t even fit in the HP-manufactured computer case, so you can’t swap them for another brand…

Sorry to be so negative, but this doesn’t sound to me like the sort of story that will end well. Maybe you should try to get the computer store to do you good deal on a PC that wasn’t “refurbished with a new clean OS installed.”

Rob, I know that the HP customer service is less than stellar, and that they had their best times years ago. But apart from that, the computer runs well and it was a very good price for what I got. The windows IS a clean one, in contrast to the dell laptop that I reinstalled with the disc that came with the laptop. And I don’t care if I can’t change the mainboard. If I need a new mainboard, I usually get a whole new computer (the old one lasted 9 years!)

So all in all, I just don’t think this the place for a personal vendetta against HP.

@ Daniel:
I now installed a trial version on my Windows 7 laptop as well. I have the same problem there.

Well, that really makes no sense to me whatsoever. Are you using an unusual language version of Windows? Is there any remotely unusual software you’re running on both computers that you think could possibly be a factor?

No, it’s a normal german windows. Installed on both are

-Adobe CS

There are multiple users on both, but I don’t think that should have any influence.

Where should the svg files be located? What permissions should they have?