Trial Expiration

Hi All,
Whenever I use a project with Halion Sonic in it, I always get a trial license expiration prompt because I loaded a trial verion of Halion 4 at a previous date. I’m guessing I can get rid of this by deleting the trial license in the eLicenser control center but that and the Cubase 6 trial are greyed out and won’t respond to any action. Is there a workaround for this? It’s not hurting my projects but is just an inconvenience.
Thanks for your thoughts!



I think it has to do with content left over from the trial, presets and such.

Is this helpful?

Yes, thank you Steve! I thought I uninstalled all the trial versions but there was some content left over. That stopped the expired license pop-up.
The other problem I had about not being able to remove the trial licenses in my eLicenser was resolved by performing a maintenance check. I was going about it the wrong way by trying to use the remove feature. (which seems to make more sense) :slight_smile: