Trial Halion5 download link

Hello! i want to try Halion 5 (demo version, included to Cubase 7.5 package), but link from recieved mail
(We’re happy to hear that you want to try HALion 5 Trial Version for MAC OS X for a limited time. Have fun!
To start downloading the installer, please click here:

is not work…

Now link has start to work, but result is strange: “This product is not available as a test version.”

New details:
For Win link is ok, for mac - damaged

Could you post the link, please…I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it anywhere!

Hi there,

the 30 day trial is now available.

Please make sure to uninstall the trial version before installing HALion 5, when you buy HALion 5 after your trial period.

@ Matthias Quellmann
Thank a lot…!