Trial Installation Failure

I had followed instructions to install and run a trial version of Cubase 9.
I got nowhere and gave up.

I again followed instructions to install and run a trial version of Cubase 10.
I got as far as ‘Trial Download link sent’ (twice) after several ambiguous errors.
No such email received tho I have had every other email from Steinberg and nothing in spam.

I have raised 2 Support Tickets and have had absoluted ZERO response from the Customer ‘service’ / ‘support’ team.

This really put me off the product as a golden rule is that if the presales support is bad, expect less support when the product has been purchased.
Here the presales support is NONEXISTENT.

The regular support are pretty much nonexistent too. I got a standard answer after 3 weeks that didnt solve anything.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I had been receiving regular emails from Steinberg, but I couldn’t receive a “Trial download link” for Dorico.
The problem was my Gmail account. See these search results for details:

I changed my MySteinberg details from Gmail to my iCloud email address, and then requested the trial again. It worked.

Another Problem
I had the same problem when I requested another trial after Dorico had been updated - no email even using iCloud. I assume it was because I had already received one trial activation. It would have been useful if I had received an automatic email which explained that no further trial was available.

What you will have to do, as i tried to a account from scratch (on a new email)

  1. Create a steingberg account if you havent done so and activate it NOT with the link in the email you got (when you dont have one)
  2. When you have ALREADY a steinberg acount, click ‘try Elements’
  3. In your email will be send an activation code
  4. Download the version you want from here . Typically you will download Steinberg Assistant downloader and from that program you will download Elements / Cubase Pro. Activate with the code you got via email and you done.

What you get from trial version is not the download link for the program itself but the activation code via email. The downloads are free from the link above for lots of programs of Steinberg. What I dont know is if you activated previously a trial for an older version, you can re-do it.