Trial Installation trouble

I would really like to install the trial version of Dorico Elements but it seems like a complete cluster***. From reading through the forums, it seems the elicenser issue is common. I’m pretty excited to check out Dorico as my first notation software, but I’ve been trying for several days to download the trial without any luck. Definitely very hesitant to purchase a product with such a difficult download process.

I’ve downloaded Steinberg Download assistant and eLicenser Control Center. I installed Dorico. When I tried to enter my activation code into the eLicenser it told me there was no eLicenser on my computer and that I need to install a soft elicenser. See screen shot attached.

It would be great if Steinberg could just post a step by step process for installation. I emailed support and asked for this but the response was not so clear.

I’m not quite sure what to do. I’ve installed and reinstalled download assistant and eLicenser Control and tried do things in different orders.

Any tips???

Have you followed the instructions here? Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support

Thanks! That did it! Super frustrating though!

Glad you found your way here so someone could help you.

Don’t hesitate to come back if you need more advice.