Trial license not working on Mac Pro

I recently downloaded the cubase studio 4 installer to try on my mac pro before I bought the full version from an ebay seller. I downloaded and installed the software with no issues and also downloaded the cubase 30 trail license which I was told would work with any version of cubase. I have activated the license but when I try to start up cubase on my mac pro it tells me that there is no valid license to run the program.

So I tried installing the software onto my macbook pro to see if it was an issue with my usb dongle. But cubase starts up fine on this computer.

Can anyone help me as I really want to try and use the program on my mac pro that has all my plug-ins and software etc so I can get a feel for it properly before I decide to buy it and the trial period is running out of time.

For reference, my mac pro ins’t connected to the internet so I had to use my macbook pro to download and activate the trial license but it says it has been installed on my usb dongle fine.


  • Have you installed the Elicenser Control Center on your Mac Pro?

  • Where did you download the software?

Yes I made sure I installed the elicenser onto my mac pro. I downloaded the software from this link

It is an update of cubase studio 4 but doesn’t need the original software installed.

I emailed customer support about a week ago but haven’t heard anything back yet

They might not actually respond, since that version is no longer supported.

It should work though, as long you have the latest elicesner app. It does run here.

I’m curious- is this the item you are looking at buying?