Trial license?

Any idea when it will be available for the 30 day trial?


I have no idea, but the experience is, has Steinberg never released a Trial version with the init release. Most often it was released with the 1st or the 2nd maintenance update.

This is 2018, end of. Not having a trial version in place is not good enough. I was looking forward to testing it out. Downloaded Artist, installed it (with some problems) and found out you need hardware to get it running? wow… last time I tried cubase 15 years ago it was the same.

For me this shows a mentality that is stagnant and not dynamic or current.

Bye now.

It’s like buying shoes in a certain country in the east. There was only one size in the store and you could not try them out. First you have to pay, and this client who fitted the shoes was happy. The rest had problems…

Dont bother with 10 until maybe after the first update, it works like shit. I still use 9.5 here to get something done.