Trial of Elements 8.5 install errors..


I have a Dell T7500 with Win 10 Pro.

Since a Win10 update I can now not get my SE 3 version to work. It keeps telling me the License Protector can’t be found. I have used a few USB ports and each time Win 10 does indicate that it has been found, yet SE 3 cannot.

Really bugs me this stuff happens.Anyway thought I try the Element 8.5 30 day trial but…

I get these errors… Copy Protection/eLicenceControlSetup.exe to c:/windows/system32/SWYNSOACC.dll


Forwardexecutor.exe to c:\Program Files (x86) Synsoft/LCC/LCC.exe

I did have the dongle in the usb and light was on.

It also asked for reg #.

This was supposed to be a trial so where do I get a reg from?

Any help please ?


Win10 updates seem to sometimes break elicenser install.

Try reinstalling elicenser control or running as admin and then running maintenance.

Thank you.

I did the reinstall of the eLicencer and maintenance and it showed my # for the dongle and a licence that I haven’t started yet which I am not sure what that was.

Anyway I re updated the Trial 8.5 then it asked for an Activation #.

Where do I get that # as with a trial there is usually none until the time ends.

I’m a bit lost here.


Perhaps this is your problem…Elements license may be trying to install to soft elicenser rather than your dongle??


Well that worked… All installed 29 days to go !

It is really different to the 3 I have been using all this time and loving BTW.

My Zoom 16 would not work with anything either but will with this… so glad!
I have spent days trying to get the thing to work, when it did with Win 7 and until last week with this Win 10 update :frowning:

Anyway looks like I’m on the way.

One thing though as my needs are very basic, how can I get the tracks to go across to screen right.

I have this VST Inst/Media panel which at this time I will be using but cannot see anywhere to disble it.

I will buying it … altho’ I guess I don’t have a choice with it being the only thing that works for me now, but it is what I need.

If I buy from my store down the road for a box version, will I use that key on the trial or should I have to install it all?

Thanks again, appreciate the help.


Okay found how to disable VST Inst/Media panel !

Have bought the MP3 code, now just need to know if I just insert the boxed licence # into the trial or if I need a new install from the CD.

Just enter the permanent activation code…no need to install anything else.