Trial user

I’m really impressed given the short time I’ve been a trial user of Pro.

There is a very nice atmosphere here. It’s great how active the developers are. One doesn’t feel abandoned to the wilderness.

I’m one who tends to want to figure things out on my own as best I can. The learning curve for me is more of a dive in and work on any specific unknown I encounter.

As such, the integrated searchable help has just been invaluable.

I have faith in the future of this program from both reading here and watching the succinct Developer tutorials.

Even the installation and licensing was easy. The hub simply works and works well.

(Igor Engraver wanted to do what is happening here as it too was player based. It sadly ended as a debacle that never worked and was a complete waste of money).

As such, when I first saw the player approach that is the core of Dorico, remembering the above all too well, my first impulse was to bolt, but this is happily different!

The 30% off special isn’t going to allow a full month of demo time for me unfortunately but I’ve seen some amazing things so far which should make the leap of faith much easier.

Anyway, to Daniel and the rest of the development team, really great job!

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Great to see that there are people who remember Igor Engraver. It was SO promising at that time. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, @Atomicsynth. I’m really pleased to hear that you’ve been getting on well with the trial version!

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Yours and Anthony’s getting started videos really have helped!

Dorico is so forward in design! When I first added a time signature from the popover and saw it handle a complex by intent notation test absolutely perfectly, I was honestly amazed!

Once I get fluent with the shortcuts and the concept/environment, I anticipate very good things.

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I had a bit of a look at Igor Engraver (in the late-1990’s, I think).
I liked the music font, or at least some of it.
I remember being quite bamboozled by the player-based approach which, (strangely) now that I’m using Dorico, seems to be a really good way to do it.
I managed to position some staves and systems outside the normal boundaries on the page. That sort of made up my mind to not proceed with Igor Engraver as it seemed to be too easy to make mistakes. One could argue the other point of view that it gave the user freedom to do whatever took his/her fancy.
But, overall I was reasonably impressed by it and did keep an eye out for its further development, which sadly didn’t happen.