Trial Version and Steinberg Hub?

I’ve unchecked Use Steinberg Hub in Preferences which stops the Hub appearing on startup, but the option still remains visible and selectable at the top of the window when N7 is launched. Is this a bug or is there a way to get rid of it completely?

In N6.5 unchecking it in Preferences does get rid of it completely.


Can’t say I’ve really noticed it. No way to remove top level menu items that I know of.

I can live with it, but it was not there in N6.5 if the option was unchecked in Preferences.

I have no interest in looking at adverts within Nuendo so would prefer not to see the option at all, as was the case with previous versions.

Hi Chris,

the menu entry cannot be deactivated. We have left it in the main menu because of user feedback.
Some Nuendo users don’t prefer to open/create a project via the HUB, but are interested in looking
at the News section (e.g. for maintenance update notification) every now and then. This way, the
HUB can be accessed even if it doesn’t show up at every start.


Thanks for the reply.

This is a change from N6.5 but If users have requested this it is at least encouraging that Steinberg does sometimes respond to feedback. (cue sends, cue sends, cue sends)

Thanks for your understanding Chris. Cue sends - yes I know :wink:

If you don’t want to see it at all, go to:

Preferences > Configuration
In the Menu column, change Steinberg Hub to Off.


Wow That’s great. I knew there was something somewhere - I’m probably not the only person around here that forgot about that.