Trial Version Authorisation

So I downloaded the Trial Version of Cubase Elements 9.5 and the update.
I created a log in at Steinberg and received an authorization code.

While trying to activate the code my internet went off and then all hell broke loose.

I am not able to get another code. The one I did get was for Cubase LE 5. Dont know what that is.

I dont know how to use the E licencer software which wont delete existing licensces nor will let me complete the process.

I just want to use this for few days and buy it. I know its a fabulous software.

Can someone from Steinberg please help?

Hi and welcome,

If you want a help from Steinberg support, open a ticket in the support, please.

If you got an Activation Code of Cubase Elements 9.5, it shouldn’t be Cubase LE 5 license.

What can you see in the eLCC application? Can you see Cubase Elements 9.5 Trial license here? Could you try to click Maintenance?

If not, try to activate your Cubase Elements 9.5 Trial again by using the same Activation Code you got.