Trial version throws eLicenser errors when trying to audition Layers

I get the following error in both Ableton Live 10 and Bitwig 3.2 when I have autoplay enabled for anything in the LAYERS pane of Backbone’s media browser.

I have the very latest .2271 version of the eLicenser and my activation code for the Trial version of Backbone is properly registered.

Support articles are no help and Steinberg Support is not answering chat despite being a Friday during their listed business hours EST USA time.
This does not bode well for a purchase decision. Is Steinberg product licensing always this messy/buggy? Is their support always this bad?

If you have any ideas of how to force the eLicenser to recognize that the Steinberg Library Manager sees the Layers soundpack as properly installed, I’d be very grateful.

Windows 10 Home. Trial version of Backbone.

Same thing happens with mine in Live 10, and it’s a full paid version of Backbone. It’s impossible to do anything once this box comes up — I have to ctrl-alt-del to shutdown Live completely and start again.

It’s an extremely disappointing piece of software at the moment. What it does is mostly great, but there are so many problems in terms of design and function.