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Will the Dorico Trial version be available from day one?

No, it won’t. Steinberg’s standard procedure for trial versions is that they tend to follow around four weeks after the availability of the product, and that will be true for Dorico as well.

Hi Daniel–as the reduced crossgrade price is for a limited time, if we wait four weeks for the trial version, will we still be able to then have time to try Dorico and still be able to buy at the reduced price?

Thanks so much…great job with Dorico to you and the team!

Thanks Bob

Although the crossgrade will be time-limited, it’s not going to expire within a matter of weeks after Dorico is released. The exact expiry date will be published when Dorico goes on sale, but I expect the expiry to be no earlier than the end of March next year.

apropos crossgrades… can the same individual crossgrade more than once, in order to secure 2 (or more) unique licenses for use on multiple computers?

I don’t know whether there is a limit to one per person — I will try to find out.

I for one will welcome a trial version. I assume that will/may be
approximately same install size download ~10Gb or less than full version,
given my SSD C: has 30Gb left even after severe pruning.

I also hope the trial version will have more than just the public release
set of features so we can get some kind of feel for what the fully
implemented version is going to be like…

I assume like Sibelius it will do everything but not ‘save’ or be
limited in some way.

ps Eu299 in Oz ~=$ 442 “A” good number…


Win7 PC till it/me/or win7 expires /
whichwhat ever happens first : D

That’s a lot of assuming and hoping! It’s most unlikely that the demo of v1 will be a beta of v2 :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of assuming and hoping! It’s most unlikely that the demo of v1
will be a beta of v2 > :slight_smile:

No harm in hoping…but agree unlikely a lite version of v2.

But at least Trial version of V1 in whatever form it does comes will be of
interest to a lot of possibly potential buyers so it may be useful and make
good sense to include at least something more than just the basic v1 in
the Trial version - a sort of sneek preview ? :wink:


The trial version will simply be the same as whatever version of Dorico is available to paying customers at the time the trial is made available, no more, no less. It will have a 30-day time-limited license that will allow you to use all of its features, and you will be able to save, play back, export audio, work with MusicXML, etc. etc. It will be as if you had bought the whole package, but it will stop working after 30 days. At that point, you can simply buy a permanent activation code from the Steinberg Online Shop if you decide you want to keep working with Dorico.

Will the real, purchased version run in some sort of demo mode until the license is activated, or will it have to be authorized via the soft e-licenser in order to run at all? (again, I’m thinking of verifying machine/OS compatibility.) I seem to remember that one cannot move the soft e-license to another machine once it has been installed…(?)

It will have to be activated with a real activation code to run at all. You cannot currently move a Soft-eLicenser from one machine to another except by way of the USB-eLicenser.

Thanks for confirming, Daniel. I think I once promised you to buy it on day one, so I’ll probably still do so… I’m just the curious type :wink: BTW, how long will Steinberg take to verify crossgrade licenses? (Never crossgraded to a Steinberg product before…)

If you buy from the Steinberg Online Shop, crossgrade verification should be complete within a business day, provided you have supplied the necessary proof of eligibility.

Then that brings up another question… What will be the proof of eligibility? Using Murphy’s Law, there is a very good chance that I will be in the middle of the Caribbean, on a cruise ship when Dorico is released. I intend to buy it Day 1 to show my support. What must I have with me, in the middle of the Caribbean, so I can purchase at the cross-grade price? Just the serial number?


This sounds very good. : )


A screenshot of your My Products page at Avid’s web site or MakeMusic’s web site, showing your products listed there, or a receipt showing the purchase of Sibelius, Finale, or Notion, or some other similar item. The precise details of the eligibility paperwork are not up to me, but a page with those details will be published on the web site when the crossgrade becomes available.

So the crossgrade will be available from day one?

So the crossgrade will be available from day one?

Yes, it will.

Thanks Daniel!

I will upload those screen shots to my iPhone/iPad prior to leaving on the cruise.