Trial Versions Question?

I installed the trial versions for The Grand 3SE and HSO a little over a month ago. I recorded some tracks using the sounds. I do plan to upgrade to the full versions of both programs after the first of the year (maybe Feb or Mar). In the meantime, I’d like to replace the piano tracks I used the trial version on with pianos from HS2 and replace the string tracks with HS2 until I can purchase the full versions. When I try to open the projects that use these trial tracks I get error messages and then Cubase will crash to the desktop. Do I need to uninstall these trials or deactivate the licenses in the LCC? Right now the two trial licenses are showing up in red in the LCC but I don’t see anything I can do with them. How can I still keep these projects and be able to open them so I can replace those tracks with instruments I do have? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I found the problem. When I went to the LCC and had it perform maintenance, it told me I needed to go into the control panel and uninstall the trial versions. After I did that, I was then able to open the projects and change the tracks to something I had.