Hi Steinberg,

will there be a trial-version of Dorico? When yes: when?


Please read the FAQ

I DID search in the FAQs.

FAQs are:
How do I select lots of music, to repitch it or copy it to another staff?
How do I change the pitch of notes I’ve entered?
How do I transpose my music into a different key?
How do I change the enharmonic spelling of a note or chord?
How do I choose the octave during note input using my computer keyboard?
How do I input notes using my MIDI keyboard?
How do I add more bars?
How do I delete bars?
How do I find out what key commands or keyboard shortcuts I can use in Dorico?
How do I write for multiple voices on the same staff?
How do I hide rests?
How do I show information like the title, composer, lyricist, etc. in my project?
How do I hear the notes as I input them?
I get no playback. What do I do?
Dorico is crashing as soon as I open a project. What do I do?
How do I use a different VST instrument or sample library than HALion Sonic SE and HSO?
Dorico seems slow. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?
I can’t install Dorico on Mac – it tells me the installation has failed. What do I do?
The icons in Dorico’s user interface looks all stretched and weird. What do I do?
Dorico or the audio engine is behaving strangely. How do I reset things?

nothing about trials…

You’re right, there isn’t an FAQ about the trial. I will add one.

The answer is that we expect the trial version to be available before the end of November. Our web team are having a meeting tomorrow that may have an impact on the exact date, and I will keep everybody updated with the latest news.