Hi Daniel,
when a Trial of Dorico?


The trial version will be available for download on 30 November.


Thx Daniel,

Hello Daniel,
I hope this message will find you in top form despite the workload that is yours within your new team.
I try in vain to test Dorico but nothing happens after having informed my email address.
Thank you for your help.
All the best,

Please check your spam folder. I was certainly able to receive an activation code by email myself, but it did end up in the spam folder in my mail client.

I sent in my email on Nov 30 for trail (not sure why I was asked for my email because I own Cubase and was logged into my account) and still did not get response…even in my spam folder.

Nicholas, François, if you could email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with the email addresses you used when trying to sign up for the trial, our web team will look into this for you.

For me it worked right away when I used a different email address than the one associated with my mySteinberg account.

Thank you Daniel. I sent my email to you as requested.

Thank you Daniel. I sent my email too, as requested.
All the best,

Daniel, I was able to download the free trial. This was my error. I didn’t realize this was a 2 step process.

  1. email
  2. password.
    I just entered the email. It would have been less confusing if the email AND password were on the same page.

Thanks very much for your help. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know you have a lot on your plate