I read there’s a free trial of Halion with todays date as the start but i cant find the free trial.
Any ideas please.

Hi @ADRIAN_DIX , please start here:

Make sure to backup existing projects with older HALion versions, as parameters might not be backward compatible in case you would want to downgrade again.

Have fun!

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Thanks but, all i can get is the Halion Sonic player that’s free anyway.
I was expecting the content (Library) to see what the extra presets sound like

Did you download and install the content from the Steinberg Download Assistant?

And more important, did you get the activation mail?

Thanks for the replies.
I don’t know why but switching the machine off and on again did the trick.

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Maybe some file lock somewhere. Happens sometimes and can have various reasons.
Glad you could solve it and I hope you have a lot of fun with it :+1:

Thanks Philippe,
Sounds good to me now we’re up and running

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