triangle in pitched percussion staff possible?

I am trying to notate a triangle notation on a pitched percussion staff, but this doesn’t seem to be possible. Is that correct? The reason is that the unpitched percussion player is busy at that same moment, so I would like to give it to the other (pitched) percussion player.

You can use a 5-line kit for that, and assign it just the triangle in the position and with the notehead you want.

Yes, it should be fine to simply give the other player a triangle instrument (or perhaps a percussion kit containing only a triangle), and then Dorico will happily switch back and forth between whatever pitched instrument they are playing and the triangle in the usual fashion using instrument changes.

I got it to work. Thanks! Very simple to do indeed.

I suppose that assigning a triangle sound to a second voice (if one had to make a really swift move to the triangle and back–say striking it with the butt end of your flute) would not work because displaying the MIDI note of the triangle at a reasonable place on the staff would be impossible?

Not that Andre needs that sort of solution, but occasionally a singer needs to make a clap or the like, which would be a similar situation.