Triangle on 5-Line Staff

I very recently read a thread how to set up percussion instruments on a 5-line system, but unfortunately I can’t trace down that thread.
I’d like to create a Triangle/Grand Cassa combination on a 5-line staff for player 1, and another instrument (snare drum) on another 5-line staff for player 2.
Were can I access this information?

So far I created a new empty drum set, went to the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, choose the 5 Line-Staff Tab, added a Triangle and moved it up into the first space between the lines (like a c in treble clef). It still shows up on a single line. Thank you for help.

If it’s already in a kit, you just need to change which presentation type is used in the relevant layouts.

Thank you Lilly, that was easy : )
Layout Options->Players->Percussion->Display
One thing I noticed: the triangle in my created drum kit sounds thinner and at a different pitch than a triangle created by the add Instrument dialogue.

I investigated Play Mode:
The Triangle set up as part of a drum kit uses [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit.
The standalone Triangle uses Triangle Combi Key
I wonder, why.