Triangle part can't delete rests?

Using 3 triangles, I guess each is in it’s own voice. When I add a grace note I can’t change it to the same voice as the main note and it produces an unwanted rest which can’t be deleted through write/edit/remove rests, nor can I set the color to 0, it does nothing. Is there some workaround for this?

I was able to do this by putting the grace note into Triangle 1, and then hitting alt-down arrow to move it to Triangle 3. Hopefully that works for you!


Though I haven’t tried this exact scenario, I find it difficult to think the voice of the grace note can’t be specified. Have you switched voices in note input mode using V until you’re on the desired voice? Then use the slash to activate the grace note.

Also, are you unable to right-click on the note and select “Change Voice” from the context menu?

Stephen’s solution removes the extra rests, but the grace note remains on a different instrument, visually at least.

Stephen: when inputting the grace on tr 1 it works. Using alt/arrow to move it down changes the voice on its own. Dankreider: the change voice doesn’t do anything. I even deleted the notes and tried from scratch (xml score).

P.S. I also have instances where the crotale range won’t allow a higher grace note to put the grace note with an x head on the same staff as the crotale, which I could do in sib but can’t get that to work in D2.2, although I can put the note there and label it as triangle it won’t sound.

On a new drum kit stave, in a new file, in Dorico 2.2, this works. I suspect your XML hasn’t imported into the correct sort of stave.

Thanks Leo for the cool video - that is exactly how I did it.

Pianoleo: I suspect you are correct about the import, but I am surprised that I can’t delete the rest in write/edit or make it invisible by setting alpha channel to 0.

You can’t edit rests on percussion staves at the moment, when using either the grid or the five-line staff presentation type.

Thanks Daniel, at least I now know that’s normal for the moment.
I did find a workaround for getting rid of the extra rest by tying the grace note over to a quarter note in the same voice.
Can X note heads not be tied? I’m having to use the l.v.tie to fake a tie.

There’s no restriction on tieing due to choice of notehead set. There must be something else going on.