Triangle sound

I have never concerned myself with expression maps, being happy (until now) with NotePerformer. I have not bought any other sound libraries.
I have a score with a triangle part. NotePerformer allocates it to NP Orchestral Percussion and produces no sound at all.
In the drop-down menu the only mention of a triangle is HSO Triangle Combi Key. This produces a hollow sound, not metallic. Is there a more realistic option?

If I remember correctly, the NP triangle is a bit low in volume and also doesn’t ring very long. You sure it’s not there?


Are you working in a Dorico project that originated in an earlier version of Dorico, pre-3.0? If so, please follow the instructions on page 67 of the NotePerformer User Guide (

Thank you, yes. My hearing is not what it was and if I turn up the amplifier it is indeed there.

As I said, it’s not only your hearing, the triangle is a bit muffled.