'Tribute Trilogy' my newly reworked piece

As the title says, this is ‘Tribute Trilogy’ which is the reworked version of my previous piece ‘Tribute’, it now has three parts, DOH… :crazy_face:

You can also see the video version of it here on the Tube if you prefer. 'Tribute Trilogy' - YouTube

Thank you for your time and any comments. :slight_smile:


Quiet in here ain’t it, where did everyone go?
I sometimes miss those days when Cubase SX kept going ‘poof’ and just disappeared off the screen. :wink:

Awesome, Mauri. Such great sounds. The composition works very well. Enjoyed the video too.

Wondering which guitar you’re using now. I recently went back to my old SG, and was trying to figure out why I have always preferred the Gibson sound over the Fender sound, and I think when I 've got the SG set right (into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and through a TS-9) the word is “creamy”. I never got creamy from a Fender.

This place has been extremely quiet in the last year. I don’t know where they went, but wherever it was, they didn’t tell me before they left. Even put out a new album (first since 2014), and got very few reactions.

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Greetings, Leon,

I’m listening to ‘North Pole Summer festival’ as I write, it does sound festive, upbeat and has a kind of positive feel. I’m not sure whether it’s sarcastic in a subtle sort of way, tongue in cheek or a bit of nudge (or all the above ;)) to say we must do something about the changing climate.

I like it, your playing is excellent as are the sounds and production, a very good piece, I enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking time to have a listen/look at my work, I appreciate that.

The guitar I’m using is an Aussie made ‘Formentin Signature’ series Strat look alike,
Seymore Duncan JB in bridge position and the other two are Kinman Noiseless PUs which I like for their tone and amazing quietness.
For the amp I use NIs Guitar Rig which is all I really need, I found. The presets in GR do usually need a lot of tweaking but with perseverance it can do amazing things, has all the FX one might need.
Speaking of a ‘creamy’ tone of the SG, Clapton called it the “woman tone” and I get what he meant having played a Les Paul (that can do a ‘woman’ tone as well) for some 20 yrs.
At one time my wife bought me a 1962 L series Strat for my birthday (I love her!) but I ended up selling it because it did not ‘sing’ in the high register like the LP. Little did I know that guitar now would fetch around $35.000!
I do have a Blackstar SeriesOne combo with 2 x 12" vintage Celestions which I like very much for live playing, best amp I’ve had in my 60 yrs of guitar playing. However, I’ve had to give up any live playing because I’ve developed a tremor in my right hand and arm but as you can hear in my works, I can still create music with the amazing Cubase, 'love that too. :slight_smile:

And yeah, where did all the lounge dwellers go? There used to be a lot of enthusiasm and passion here but, alas, it seems to have gone, I plead guilty to some of that too… but here we are, me after twenty odd yrs of being a forum member and you, Leon, have been here quite a while yourself!

I’ll post a photo of my Formentin here for you to take a look.

Cheers from Oz,


I do not want to comment on technicalities, but here we go… :slight_smile:
The kick drum sounds rather odd on my speakers. I mainly here some high frequency noise and very little bassy body. But maybe that was your intention?

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Hi, Johnny,

Thanks for taking the time!
The kick drum sounds ok on my system with Mackie HR624 MK2 monitors, but I’ll take it on board there could be more ‘punch’, thanks for pointing that out.
BTW, what did you use as a refence when listening, EDM, rock, R&B, metal? I’m just curious… and do you use a sub :slight_smile:


That’s great. You get a beautiful tone from your guitar/amp setup and the (synth?) bass kicks it along nicely. Lovely playing.


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Thanks, Steve, much appreciated!
Since I learned to tweak Guitar Rig I’ve been blown away with the sounds you can get
out of it.
Of course it’s not exactly the same as any given guitar amp but that difference can also be a good thing.
And the bass, I wrote the bass lines, Mr Trilian Spectrasonics played the bass… :wink:

Cheers, mate.

That guitar is gorgeous!

Thanks for listening to “North Pole Summer Festival”. Definitely a bit of tongue-in-cheek. It’s a soundtrack to the collapse of our civilization due to climate change. Have been hoping we could make a u-turn before it happens.

I’ve used Guitar Rig a lot. But on my new album I used Scuffam S-Gear, which sounded more natural and realistic to me. Check it out.

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Hi, Leon,

Thanks for the tip on Scuffam S-Gear, I’ll see if I can download a demo, if I like it I’ll have to buy it!

And the climate, it is showing some worrying signs made worse by the ‘powers that be’ seem so unwilling to really do anything significant. Not good…

Working on a new piece which has a very unusual guitar sound I accidentally discovered in NI GR, I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

All the best, stay well.

Hi Mauri,
I just listened to this, and it’s a nice and ambitious piece of work. Your whammy bar work made me think a little bit of Allan Holdsworth, and any association with him should definitely be taken as a compliment in my book.
I liked the orchestration, but I wish you had a “real” bassist playing the very cool bass parts you’ve written. I’m a bassist, so I always gravitate to what’s going on there, and more than anything with the kick drum (mentioned in another comment), I think a well recorded good bassist playing those parts you’ve written would take this to a whole other level.
Please don’t take that so much as a criticism, but more as an idea to entertain for future recordings. This definitely kept my interest throughout, and given the length of the piece, that should also be seen as a big plus.

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Thank you, John, for taking the time, especially seeing how long the piece is.
I do like using a whammy bar, it adds another element to the guitar and I have a very nice Wilkinson Locking unit, when you grab it and pull it up it unlocks the bridge, when you let go it drops down and locks the bridge. I like how the bridge is then solid, doesn’t feel spongy when bending notes, like, say, the ‘normal’ Strat bridge.

Regards the bass, I realise a ‘real’ bass player would add a lot nuance to the bass part but unfortunately I don’t have access to anyone like that.
I usually spend a lot of time quantising and manipulating individual notes in the Key Editor to get the ‘feel’ right, as in a shuffle which requires very fine note lengths and spaces between. So, Mr Trilian Spectrasonic is my go to bassist!

It is a compliment to be mentioned in the same sentence with Allan Holdsworth, he’s one of my favourites for sure, thank you for that too. :slight_smile:

Take care,

I listened thru Event bas 20/20 and my internal laptop speakers. I only hear some high end from the kick drum on both but on the Events it sounds really irritating.
As a reference I could cite every single chart hit from EDM, rock, metal, reggae, jazz - anything really.
Not quite sure why I am the only one who has this sensation.

Hi, Johnny,

Thanks for your input and interest, however if you “only hear some high end” there’s something wrong.
I just had a listen to it and it could be improved (everything always “could”), but there’s certainly more than some high end now.
I’d like to know how you’d fix this, have you got some useful advice to give?

Cheers from Oz.