Tricky condensing problems

Hi everyone,

I’ve spotted two tricky condensing issues in this score that I cannot work out how to fix!

  1. In bars 11-12, the first and second trombones suddenly lose their glissandi!
  2. In bar 33, the piccolo line disappears.

Both of these are to do with system breaks. If I put the trombone notes on the same page as one another, the glisses reappear (but then I lose other glissandi!). If I move bar 33 onto the previous page, the piccolo part reappears (but this creates issues with consistency in the number of staves on facing pages).

Does anybody have any solutions? Either real solutions or workarounds.
Muted the Night (1.48 MB)

I took a look at your score (nice work btw, and good luck on the premiere!). The piccolo has to do with the fact that Dorico cannot condense any instrument other than the first instrument held by a player. Fortunately, my instincts tell me that this will likely be very easy to fix with the forthcoming 3.x free update which include condensing changes. I’m sure that by forcing the piccolo on its own staff at that moment (instead of on its own staff out of circumstances as is the case here), it will show on the next system/page. It seems that the update is due soon if I interpret the chatter about it correctly.

The gliss thing is more difficult. It’s obvious that it is a limitation of Dorico at this moment, unless the devs tell me otherwise. it’s strange to me that the 2nd trombone, which does not cross the measure, acts that way though. Still, you may have to force them on two staves for those two page once the update is out if you are not willing to break systems of frames.

Claude, thanks so much for your help and kind words! That all makes sense, and I am really looking forward to the condensing updates I have to say.

I think I’ll probably just use photoshop for the trombones in the meantime haha.

Good news and bad news. If I copy your trombone parts to another file, the glisses play through every break. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I don’t why they don’t draw in your score …

Hopefully one of the devs will see this post

The piccolo part is hidden because it’s empty from bar 33, right? If you don’t want it to be hidden there, you need to add something to the staff to prevent it from being empty: an empty text item will do the trick.