Tricky problems with cues

A piece starts with a free piano cadenza followed by a singer’s pickup:
I want to cue this to another player, so I startet creating cues:

Now I’m struggling with following issues :

  1. I don’t know, how to delete one of those fermatas (which are in fact two instances of the same origin)
  2. I wanted to place the lyrics above the staff so that they are closer to the cue. But when I got to engrave mode and change the appearance to “above”, the lyrics are also moved in the score - this seems to be a property that is automatically propagated…

Any help would be appreciated!

You can’t change the placement of lyrics in a cue only, I’m afraid. I also can’t see any stray fermatas in the picture you attached, but in general you don’t have any additional conrol over fermatas in cues compared to other kinds of fermatas.