Tricky to expand the Event Display

It took me a long time to find the little grab handle that allows the Event Display to be expanded vertically. I expected to be able to click anywhere on the bottom border, but instead, there’s a very small little handle on the left hand side, and on my monitor, and using the default colour scheme, I can’t really see any “handle” there at all - I just got lucky by noticing the mouse pointer change when I hovered over it.
Elements 3.5

I agree. FWIW, there have already been some threads about that (some are quite old now), so the team knows, and they will probably tackle it when they can devote time to it.

Ok that’s good - thanks. I did search first, and found a thread which mentioned many more substantial issues, but not this little one.

The difficulty here is that this is a limitation of the Qt framework, so it’s not something we have control over. It’s useful to know though that you can also expand and contract the height of the current lane with shift-G and Shift-H.

Use a better framework, and charge me more if you have to.
(thanks for those keyboard shortcuts though)

It’s coming up to eight years too late for that sort of decision.

Just poking around in here, I see quite a lot of little quirks like this. It just shows how difficult programming must still be, and how we still need very clever programmers. So in a wry way, I like it.

We know this isn’t ideal and as part of a more thoroughgoing review of the interface in Play mode we may well change the way things are put together in order to work around these limitations (though we have no plans to switch to a framework other than Qt).

Noting that it is documented, and thanks for not coming down on me for not reading the manual first. I had wondered, but I thought to myself that for something as basic as this, I shouldn’t have had to consult the manual. But thanks for documenting it.