Triebwerk / Halion Sphere and NanoPad2


Just got the nanoPad2 and was trying to assign it to Quick Controls in Cubase Pro 8.5, which is quite easy (QC9 Sphere H for example set to Quick Control 1). However, when I go to Device Setup for the Track Quick Controls, press learn and then run my finger horizontally on the nanoPad2’s X-Y controller all I end up with is a kind of note on/ note off situation, where there is no movement only 0 velocity or 127 velocity?

Been searching the web for info on using the nanoPad 2 as an X-Y controller for the Sphere H and V options, which is why I bought the nanoPad2 in the firstplace (Want to get more out of the box and hands on) and yet, surprisingly, I find nothing really useful. Am I the only person in the world who has this setup and wants that kind of functionality? I wouldn’t think so!

Tried the Korg Forums and have come up with nothing!

I was kind of hoping some enlightened user here might be able to shed some light on this? Or, at the very least point me to some obscure hidden website that actually provides info on what I believe would be a very common user problem with this device/daw setup.

Many thanks if that user is YOU?