Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet in Groove Agent SE 4?


Basically I had an issue with Groove Agent SE 4 crashing anytime I tried loading a kit and I have uninstalled these VSTs and reinstalled Triebwerk and Hypnotic dance, and it seems to be working.

They seem to work standalone but they don’t appear in Groove Agent SE 4 anymore, when searching for kits it says 127 available whereas before there were something like 190 kits.

I’m wondering which of these VSTs should be able to work in Groove Agent SE 4 and if so how can I get them to load in there again?

I’m using Cubase 7.5


Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet are all HALion / HALion Sonic / HALion Sonic SE expansions as well as working as standalone VSTs. I do not believe they are intended for use in Groove Agent - certainly in Steinberg Library Manager on my machine, which has Absolute 4 installed, they only appear in the HALion section.