Triebwerk never just $&%#* werks!

I purchased Triebwerk so I could collaborate with my keyboard player. But if he sends me songs with Triebwerk presets, I always get the message “the Triebwerk plugin could not be loaded” Why? It’s not a plug-in, it’s a sound se, isn’t it? And I have installed and uninstalled it over and over; it’s in the licensor and it loads in Halion Sonic. He sends me Instrument tracks, not midi tracks. What could the issue be? Thanks for your help.

Hi pkmusic,
there is indeed a differance between the older dedicated Triebwerk plugin and the newer Triebwerk Instrument Set to be used in HALion, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE. Songs (projects) created with the dedicated Triebwerk plugin have another PlugIn-ID and thus won’t find a matching Triebwerk plugin.
The attached “” includes two folders and a description where to copy them, to make the songs of your keyboard player work on your pc.
best regards
Gerrit Junge (1.39 MB)