Tried Cubase 6.5..Speedy!

I dont want to be a partybreaker but here I am…
I had some issues with Cubase 7.5.1.
I reinstalled cubase 6.5.5. Jesus that version is fast! Its like cubase on Red bull!

Aloha M. and +1

I still use it (on occasion) and if you you think 6.5 is fast,
try your version of C5.5. It now seems to run at warp speed.

And all three are at work on the same 'puter.

it feels like older programmes (that use use fewer resources) run faster.

Probably just my imagination tho’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

I think this is pretty normal. Logic Pro X runs slower than Logic Pro 9 on the same computer as well.

GUI and CPU craving eye candy is the thing in demand these days it seems, and it is taking it´s toll by slowing down apps and making them un-snappy.

Could be a bigger problem hotting up apps relying on “old” code and that need backwards compatibility.

The GPU/CPU demands are not increasing in a linear fashion in relation to the increase of CPU/GPU processing power either it seems.

Thats a shame. My old friend Lenovo Thinkcentre dual core 3.0 and 8 GB RAM. (Two Texas Firewire) struggle with 7.5.
I dont want to leave my friend just yet. Oh well, I can use both C6.5.5 and 7.5.1. Would love the speed on the latest cubase though.

For some work I will alternate the same project between various version to capitalize on the resources vs. features. I too am now thinking that my old quadcore is approaching a need for replacement… but I am not ready…

Careful Robin, :slight_smile:

That kind of thinking leads to ‘old gear’ stashed:

in cupboards,
in closets,
under the bed,
above the bed,
in the spare bedroom
out in the store room/garage,
in the basement,
in the attic,
at a buddy’s house (and he has some stuff stored at your place)
and temporarily in the car.

Why do I do this to myself? Move on curt, move on.

Im still on 6.5.5 the best audio app ever…expecially on mac.

To be honest I really don’t notice a difference in 6.5 vs 7.5. They seem to behave about the same as far as responsiveness. Both open and load projects at about the same speed, and all functions within the projects pretty much operate the same other than the video issue I have been having with 7.5.

Same here just gave it a good run, no difference. 6.5 and 7.5 are the most stable versions but I prefer 7.5. It’s been over 1 year since I’ve used 6.5. Don’t use it any more :smiley: