Tried of Jbridge!

I’m sooooo freaking tired of jbridge. It’s always taking more time to do stuff with it.

Not to talk about the patterns inside of things such as XLN Addictive Drums etc. It’s freaking annoying me to death!

What do you guys run? anyone got any suggestion if one want my plugins to work in 32bit aswell?


If you don’t like Jbridge use only 64bit plugs…If you can’t use only 64bit plugs use Jbridge.

Not to talk about the patterns inside of things such as XLN Addictive Drums etc. It’s freaking annoying me to death!

Isn’t Addictive drums available in 32 and 64bit??..why are you using Jbridge with it at all??

oh great, I just haven’t updated mine since ages… lol (my bad on that one)

But non the less, using 32bit plugins such as sylenth1 is a pity… and I use sylenth1 ALOT.

64bit version of that is also released…

No not for MAC OSX. Only for windows. And as I’m running mac it’s only 32bit available yet.

Yeh, JBridge is such a bother. :unamused:

You need to get on your knees and thank J. We’d all be up the creek without him.

i tell you one thing…im not tired of JBridge working! compared with Steinbergs lame VSTBridge it is a joy so you cant complain


+2 jbridge is a godsend!

You could just wait for Lennar Digital to release a new version of Sylenth 1.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Seriously, that has to be the biggest success story in software development history.

Step 1: Launch company and version 1.0 of a killer virtual analog synth in, basically, 2007.
Step 2: Update it couple times in 2008.
Step 3: Say “BOOM,” drop microphone and swagger off stage with grabbed crotch, board plane to Fiji and sip Mai Tais for rest of natural life.

Jbridge is amazing! However, I have the feeling that Steinberg isn’t gonna work on vst bridge anymore because jbridge exist.
I use Cubase 7 (32 bit) and I only bridge heavy vsti like BFD2, Kontakt ect … that way everything works fine and I’m not limited to my shared 4 gig of ram on heavier vsti.

You must have meant “I’m sooooo freaking tired of Steinberg”, right?

If success == money in “software development history” (And I don’t agree with that, btw.) :

Step 1: Start a company back in the seventies.
Step 2: Buy a very rudimentary “operating system” cheaply from a college drop-out.
Step 3: License the “OS” to IBM (and make them pay royalties per unit made), and watch you bank account grow.
Step 4: Now that you’re no longer just a geek, but a rich geek, get a girlfriend. If it’s still too difficult, marry your secretary.


Haha, true. Well, joking aside, I suspect Lennard has not made as much money as one might think, sadly, due to piracy.

But what a case study he has to brag about. If he ever does release an update, or even just a 64bit version for Mac users, it will be a heart-warming continuation of a remarkable story.

Here’s to you, Lennard, where ever you may be. raises glass
If you ever make a version 3, put that baby on an iLok!

Totally second that. Nothing can touch jBridge.

jBridge has worked flawlessly since day one. It allows me to still use WizooVerb (one of the best 'verbs ever!), Native Instruments B4 II (probably the best Hammond VST) and a couple of other oldies.

Yeah, well worth the small price tag, thanks ‘j’,


I don’t use Jbridge much because it is constantly showing messages about Cubase not being run with administrative privileges, and it does that twice for each plugin when a project is loaded. Loading projects that use bridged plugins takes a lot of time, mouse clicks and patience.

I can’t use Cubase with administrative privileges because I lose the drag & drop feature from the explorer windows, which I really need.

+1000 I haven’t had any issues with jbridge and I’m on windows 8 c7.05 and very happy with my stability. Especially with sylenth1 :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean to bash on Jbridge ofcourse.

I love Jbridge for what it is. (ofc I’m thankful for being able to load my 32bit plugins into 64bit). But it really is frustrating to have that window pop up all the time and having to close it when using a bridged plugin, aswell as midi drag n drop from lets say addictive drums or superior drummer to not work. Stuff like that.

What I was searching for was something without that window I guess. Unless you can disable it in the jbridge, because it really bothers me. I was simply wondering if u had any better alternatives, but now I know the answer is no :wink:

He’s “said” that for over a year now, I don’t see this happening for yet another year unfortunately…