Tried to launch WL and got a no licenses warning

Restarted the computer and it went away. Then I could not log into the Activation Manager nor to the Download Manager. Restarted the computer again and everything seems to be back to normal. That was scary…

You’re ‘lucky’ … no warning, got past the licenses and SAM to the final splash and hang/crash.

This is, of course, nothing to do with WL as such … it’s Steinberg global product licensing.

Is all this worth being ‘dongle free’? Arguably not. At least not until licensing is ready for prime time.

Same thing happened again. Where is WL checking for the Licenses? is this something that is in the computer or does it have to go “online” to check? This is not good especially when there is a deadline and the computer won’t let me into the program I need.

I still have the USB key installed so shouldn’t that be enough?

Did you try the SAM 1.4 beta version? There was a new version this week.

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I had not but I am downloading it now. Thanks for the heads up.