Tried video track-failed

So I tried the video track the other day and Wavelab couldn’t handle the format. Video seemed to work fine in other DAWs.

What are the accepted formats, resolutions, etc, of Videos in Wavelab on a Mac? Thanks!

Here’s the error I get: “The file cannot be opened. The format is unknown or WaveLab Pro could not find a suitable decoder on your system.”

THis is a MP4 using AAC, H.264.

All the wavelab manual says is: “Codecs are methods of data compression used to make video and audio files smaller and more manageable for computers. For further details, refer to the Help Center on the Steinberg web site.”

So where am I supposed to refer to in the “Help Center”?

Ok, I found this article:

According to that, my MP4 using AAC an H.264 should work. I do read that it recommends using ProRes. I’m trying to render the video in ProRes now to see if that makes it work.

How did you try to import the video? Unless you insert it on a WaveLab video track, it won’t work.

Thanks! Inserting worked. I don’t recall seeing that in the manual.