Trigger_2 crashes Cubase 8 Pro

Steve Slate’s website must be the least useful one I’ve ever tried to navigate :imp: so I thought I’d ask here whether anyone else has experienced freezes when trying to use Trigger_2 in C8 pro? It still works okay in 7.5. Maybe the eagerly anticipated C8.10 update will fix it…?

Using trigger 2 here with no issues.As far as I can remember anyway.Luckily for me Ive only had 3 crashes since I got cubase 8.Mostly caused by not having enough ram(still using 4 gigs).The vcc 2.0 was kinda buggy though.Again because of ram i would reckon.Have you tried updating all the drivers on your computer?Im surprised how often this fixes glitchy software for me.Good luck

I’m all up to date nucube although my iLok license manager needed an update, but it made no difference. I get a big grey square then Cubase becomes completely unresponsive requiring a Task Manager shutdown. I’ll see if the upcoming update fixes it. When you say “as far as I remember” have you tried it at all in Cubase 8? Anyway, thanks for your reply.