Trigger renumbering of automatically numbered instruments

Is there a way to trigger the numbering of instruments with the same name after the initial setup?

I imported a file from someone else via XML, and the horns were not in the correct order in the source material. I reordered them in Setup mode, but now they are numberd 1-3-2-4, and I see no way saying “The order is now correct, please apply your numbering scheme again.”

Thanks, Estigy

You could try changing the the instruments to themselves Eg change each of four horns that are doing this to horns again.

Also, in Edit Names…, are the actual names of the instruments written as “Horn”or “Horn [number]”?

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Hi, Daniel.

Thanks for your reply.

The instrument names don’t include the number, that was the first thing I checked :wink:
I even tried reappling the same instrument, but that did not do the trick either. The only result of this was that the instruments were numbered in yet another (wrong) order. (Even though I reapplied the instruments to the players in the correct order.)

Great! :cry:

You could add another four horns and copy the music over?

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Thanks for trying to help :wink:
Please don’t get me wrong, I could think of several ways to work around this problem: Creating new players and moving all the music as you suggested would be one of them; selecting everything on two staves and calling “Swap” to exchange things would be another. One could even add the correct numbers to each instrument name (although I’m not sure if this could cause problems down the line regarding condensing of these players).

I was just wondering if there was a more direct way to solve this - thus my specific question.
Dorico already has a command to renumber layouts after they have been shuffled around. I thought that there might be a “Renumber instruments” in the same way.

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What if you temporarily change them to a different instrument in the proper order, then change them back?

Dorico does not have a feature to renumber instruments according to their score order, no.