Trigger song via midi


I have about 20 songs in my setlist and want to trigger each song with a dedicated button on a midi controller. How can you set this up?

It’s quite easy.

Menue: Action and Shortcuts…
Tab: Project
Item: Select Song
UI = Dial
MIDI In = “Your Interface”
Layer = Pgm Change
Data1 From = 0
Data1 To = 127
Chan From = 1
Chan To = 15

When VL receives a Midi PgmChange=0 Song 1 will be selected
When VL receives a Midi PgmChange=1 Song 2 will be selected
When VL receives a Midi PgmChange=x Song x+1 will be selected
and so on…

The midi device I’m using at the moment is generating “note on” messages. and when I learn the “select song” item it detects the message but it is not selecting any song…

How do I go about this?

With the learn midi in the lower left corner it would be great if you can instantly select a song.

Hi @stnv ,


Did u try customize the beautiful explanation is right the last before your post?

you want to press e.g: A0 for song #1, etc…
Instead of using pgc, right?

P.s: tried out quickly with midi “note on”, and just worked reading second data (velocity)… but not first (note)

Right, for all but Program Change and Aftertouch (where Data1 is significant), Data2 provides the selection index, starting at zero, so “0” is your first Song, Part, Layer, Stack or whatever.

Although I don’t think will ever quick dial a song, but if if I were (eg from my midi pads) via NoteOn, there should be the data 1 “Note” dial my song instead of data2 (velocity) I guess, because it’s hard to reproduce velocity values by hand

Thanks for your replys

I do need to quick start a song via NoteOn, it is impossible to reproduce the velocity data to use it that way.
So the conclusion is that I cannot use it the way I need to I’m afraid. In Ableton for example this is very easy to do.

Can this function be added?

Yes, I agree with you, it could be great to trigger actions on the note number and not the velocity.

But you will encounter another problem. If you select a song via a Midi message, you will need a second action to start it. That’s why I suggested to the developers that each song should have an “auto play” parameter.

On my current system (till I can replace it with VL), I can define if a song is played as soon as I call it, or if it is waiting for a Start action (for songs beginning with an acoustic intro, typically).

We’ll check. Could add a flag to take Data1 instead.

We are currently working on “Action Makros”, which allow to chain a sequence of actions, that should do?


Hello @musicullum ,

In my opinion (built on my current workflow and my needs, of course), the following settings would work perfectly and smoothly :

Song End Action… :

  • Continue
  • Stop
  • (Load) Next Song

Song Load Action… :

  • Nothing (just activate the first Part Layers and Stacks)
  • Start Song
  • Start Song and Record

Some songs I play at a show start with an intro with just free piano and vocals. I need to activate these songs first in VL to get the layers with the desired preset for my keyboard and the right effect on the mic, but I don’t want the tracks to be played at once. After the end of the intro, I press a pedal to start the tracks.

All the other songs are entirely sung above backing tracks that should start instantly (or close). I prefer to activate and play these songs with a single action, not a Select action followed by a Start Action.

Keeping in mind I rarely follow a setlist during a show, I need to access as fast as possible any song, depending on the ambiance and the mood of the attendees.

I don’t figure out how Macros could help, a Song Load Action setting seems more appropriate…

In a perfect world, each Part has its own Play/Stop/Continue/Loop setting! :wink:

Of course, I’m very interested in the concept of Macros, and perhaps some kind of Lua Scripting, as we have in Halion.

The next version will have an additional column “Source”, where you can set the relevant index to be derived from either Data1, or Data2 (default).

@ Jihem: The next version will also feature Menu Song/Song Autostart, first just a simple Dialog “Do you want to enable Autostart for Song blabla” - record option to be added later :slight_smile:


Excellent news! Thank you so much.