Triggering a Layer with the Sustain pedal?

Hi All , is there away to assign a Layer so it only plays when you press the sustain pedal ?


Insert a MegaTrig midi module on that layer and add a “Sustain On” condition inside the MegaTrig module. This way the Layer will be triggered only when the sustain pedal is pressed.

Thx .

I just added this and I can see the Yellow light come on when I push the pedal but the Layer is not sounding ?

If I play a not and press the pedal that does work , but I would like to trigger the Layer with Just the Pedal press Thx

In that case you have to change the “Note On” condition to “Sustain On”, and to set the Trigger to “Fixed Note” and set the desire note value and velocity, like this:

amazing thx!

These triggering options are excellent indeed. I’ve still got a lot to explore with Halion.

HALion has got me sampling again after years of Me not thinking what a pain it is with Kontakt , I have used Kontakt since day one , but it’s alway been a pain … I am loving HALion 7