Triggering another VST with Groove Agent 4

I have been using Groove Agent 4 for about 1.5 years now. In all of this time I have not been able to get Groove Agent to trigger another VSTi or Instrument in real time…or for that matter record the midi output in real time. Am I missing something? The only midi that I can seem to get to pass through to another track or instrument…is the midi note being played to trigger a pattern.

Can someone please walk me through the general process. I have tried to follow the manual, verbatim, probably 30 times. Regardless of DAW I don’t seem to have an option to select midi from ‘Kit 1’, ‘Kit 2’ etc. I have tried the process in Ableton 9, and Presonus Studio One 3. I have seen it done in videos with Cubase…but I don’t use that DAW.

I have tried using the: MIDI Out On/Off switch
I have tried using the: Use Pattern MIDI Port, and assigned various ports…
Those ports do not seem to be visible to my DAWS.

This should be a pretty simple process but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Can someone please help.

What I am ultimately trying to do is trigger and Ableton Live Drum Rack (Or BAttery, or BFD ECO, or Polyplex), or simply record midi to another track in real time…all to no avail.

Can someone please respond to this post? We can’t be the only two people trying to accomplish this.

There’s not much to say. Here it just works (Studio One [any version]).
So you are saying there is no possibility to choose the Instrument Channel for input (like e.g. Kit 1 1)?

Lol. I just realized I was responding to my own post that I wrote in January. I got it sorted out. Thanks for responding. Now to write a new post regarding automation being saved. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: