Triggering audio clips via controller keyboard.

Hello everyone.
I have what on the face of it seems an easy task to perform, yet I can’t get my head around how to accomplish it…help required !
We are doing an intro tune for a local radio DJ and want to overdub a vocal clip ( already recorded ) to the music. However, the plan is to stagger Pete’s name so it overdubs as…P…PP…PPe…PPeeee…Pete etc etc ( you know the score ! ) and so on with the rest of the intro. The question is therefore : How do I assign a note on the keyboard to trigger the first vocal clip, then another note to trigger the second audio clip etc etc.
Do hope I’ve described the problem ok, looking forward to your solutions !


Hi there,

You could use Groove Agent ONE for this. Just drag the sample onto one or more pads and set the start and end point accordingly. For example, set it so one pad that plays the “Pee” sound and another pad that plays the “T” sound. I don’t use Groove Agent ONE myself, so I can’t tell you exactly how it’s done, but I’m sure a simple search on YouTube will get you more than enough for what you need. Let me know how it goes.

Ta for your reply to my problem. I think I’ve solved it, Using my Triton Xtreme, I’ll sample the audio in, resample with effects and assign it to a key. Its only a one off so I’ll not even use cubase on this occasion. Thanks for your help anyway … The groove agent one might be an idea for the future or I might even convert our spoken audio to .rex2 using recycle, then use Stylus rmx as a trigger. Thank you for your time.

Norman. ( sir )