Triggering drums

I am going to be using a cheaper table top electronic drum pad to trigger my drums, I am not a drummer and it is not the biggest thing to me. I just want a easier way to do drums then a midi keyboard through EZDrummer. Has anyone put anything like this through cubase and is there any hardware issues?

I use a full e-kit set-up myself, but as long as you have a ‘standard’ midi connection from your tabletop drum pad device to your DAW’s standard midi interface, then it will work without a hitch. If you’re using USB, well…there may be a hitch. Though USB should work too, I often find I have to jump through a hurdle or two before it’ll get recognized, where as standard midi works right out of the gate. For this reason, I use standard midi for everything.

I use a Yamaha DD-55c (now replaced by the DD-65).
No Hardware issues at all, either when using it as an external Instrument, or just as a trigger for a VSTi.
(FWIW: It can even be controlled by the CMC-PD )

The Yamaha DD-65 looks like a cool small foot print solution. I’ve thought about something like that so I can tap out some beats while sitting at my desk, but my ekit is just 2 steps & a stool away. When lazy or in a hurry, I’ll just tap something out on my keyboard if I need a quick beat…if I don’t EZDrummers midi to get started.

As an option, a used older ekit on ebay can be found pretty cheap. An older $1,000 Yamaha DTXPress kit can be bought for less than $300 …how cool is that? :slight_smile: