Triggering external sounds in Cubase5

I’m not truly certain if this question has ever been addressed before, but a search of the forums hasn’t resulted in any clues. So, please forgive me if I’m repeating a worn-out topic :slight_smile:

I need to know if there’s a way, within Cubase5, to trigger samples from an audio file. Here’s the situation: I’m working on a project in which I received CDs of the raw recorded audio tracks. Unfortunately, for some songs, the kick drum tracks are badly distorted or even have bass guitar and even vocals somehow merged with it (play the kick drum track solo, and I’m hearing vocals and bass guitar as well as the kick.) Using the sidechain noise gate of the VST Dynamics plug-in, as well as EQing a lowpass filter with an 80 Hz threshold, I’m able to “isolate” the low fundamentals of the kick, but it sounds like crap - just a really low thump, with no solid thunk. It’s completely buried in the mix.

Now, I DO have drum samples, one of which is a rather nice-sounding kick drum. What I’d like to do is use that heavily-gated-and-EQed kick track to trigger the sample kick, and use that sample to create a new kick track. Does anyone know how I could accomplish this within Cubase5? Would I need to use an external program, or some specialized plug-in?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. :slight_smile:

It has…

KTDrumtrigger can do it, some more 3rd party plugins can do it, and there are some (a little bit more convoluted) ways, to do it with Cubase 5 internal means only, mentioned on the foruns…
And you´ll probably need some kind of sampler…

Thank you for the advice! I just downloaded KTdrumtrigger…it’s a bit older, 2006? 32 bit plugin…hopefully, it will work just fine with 64bit Cubase. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try maybe FLStudio, another program I also have. I don’t care how I get it to work, as long as I can replace the existing Charlie Foxtrot of a kick track with something clean…

Okay, further developments…I added KTDrumtrigger to the plugins, and I’m able to bring it up as an insert on the original audio track. I’ve got the MIDI event trigger threshold set at around -20 dB (the original track is severely gated with the sidechain set at 80 Hz, and a very extreme low-pass shelf set up in the channel EQ at around 100 Hz), so the only thing triggering the MIDI are the fundamentals of the kick. According to KTDrumtrigger, it’s sending out MIDI data. I’ve loaded GrooveAgent as a VST instrument with a MIDI track set up according to the Cubase5 manual, page 176-177. KTDrumtrigger seems to be loaded correctly, because I can choose the output of KTDrumtrigger as the MIDI input for the MIDI track and the instrument. The MIDI track is set to receive on channel 1, so I set KTDrumtrigger to broadcast MIDI data on channel 1. GrooveAgent channel monitoring is turned on. I hit play…no sound from GrooveAgent. I sweep the “voice” selection on KTDrumtrigger from zero to 127, and still no sound. I tried all 16 channels. Nothing. I even hit record with the MIDI track record enabled, and I’m not seeing MIDI data even appearing along the track view. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? What I’m forgetting, what I’ve missed? MIDI isn’t my strong point…I’m basically an old-school audio recording engineer, trying to muddle my way through MIDI.

Thanks for any help you guys could offer.

Just a bit of a bump…does anyone know if there are any hidden (or not immediately obvious to the MIDI-noob) steps in getting GrooveAgent to read MIDI data from another MIDI plugin - in this case, KTDrumtrigger? I am quite literally at a loss as to how to go about re-building this kick track, short of telling my client he’ll have to re-hire the drummer for a whole new session just to fix some really bad mistakes by the previous engineer…and he won’t go for that…

Okay, I’m guessing that no one knows how to get KTDrumTrigger to work within Cubase5. So, does anyone have an alternate solution that doesn’t require me shelling out $400+ that I do not have?


Never ever use this plugin but when the plugin is worklng can you just record it as a midisignal?
To see which note it is correspondending to.
because if for example the c0 hasn’t a sample on it an it will get triggered nothing will happen.

Greetz Bassbase