Triggering Halion 5

I’m needing a bit of help with the amazing Halion 5.
i play drums and trigger samples on the fly from my Roland SPD-SX or Halion 5.
I’m trying to get Halion to respond a similar way the SPD-SX does.
I use an Octapad to send a midi note on to halion which works fine but i want to be able to hit the same pad to stop the sample.
I have spoke to technical support and they have agreed it must be possible but couldn’t help me any further :cry:
Anyone out there know of a way of doing this - i hope my post makes sense
many thanks

I don’t own an SPD anymore, but have you tried setting the “gate” setting of the pad to “alt” in the MIDI settings of the pads.

Hi Niles thanks for your answer but i haven’t made myself clear - Opps!
I’m trying to trigger Halion from and older Octapad II and was hoping i could get Halion to respond like the SPD-SX does
Exactly as you say the Alt function in SPD does this - i run out of pads on the SPD( i’m using all 9 plus the 6 extra via the trig in and external inputs in the SPD ) I thought i could set up more using the Octapad II and change patch giving me pretty much all id ever need but need to be able to stop samples when ever as you can in the SPD-SX.
Hope this makes sense and thanks again for your response.

Ah okay, I understand now!
I’ve had a quick look, but didn’t found a simple solution either.

One way to achieve what you want is to use MegaTrig’s Key Toggle for this.

  1. Create a layer
  2. Map a sample (to key C2 for instance)
  3. Create a MegaTrig module in the layer (in the layer just for a clear overview)
  4. Set the A Condition in MegaTrig to “Key Toggle” and the Range to “C1/C1”
  5. Set the trigger (at the bottom) at “Fixed Note” to Note C2

Now when your Octapad sends out a C1 Note-on, the MegaTrig condition will trigger note C2 depending of the Key toggle state. (It’s crucial playback mode of the sample is set to “Normal”)

Unfortunately you have to repeat the process for every single sample/key/pad, so I can’t help to think there must be an easier way to achieve a simple note toggle.

Wow you total genius :slight_smile: That works.
But! can i map like 16 loops and do the same on all ? If that’s poss I’m the happiest man in the northern hemisphere - Today!
Thank you sooooo much for your knowledge i owe you :smiley:

Yes you can map 16+ loops like that. It’s a bit of drag to set it up the first time, but after that you’re set.
You can set up (or copy) a new layer on the same way only not the same keys.

Their are three elements to change for every layer/loop.

  1. The position where the sample is mapped.
  2. The MegaTrig “Range” (the Note received from the Octapad)
  3. The MegaTrig trigger Note (the location of where the sample is mapped)

So for instance when we create/copy a second layer:

  1. Map a sample (to key C#2 instead of C2)
  2. Create a MegaTrig module in the layer (that’s exactly why I’ve added the MegaTrig to the layer :wink:)
  3. Set the A Condition in MegaTrig to “Key Toggle” and the Range to “C#1/C#1” (instead of C1)
  4. Set the trigger (at the bottom) at “Fixed Note” to Note C#2 (where our second sample is)

Repeat the process and save the preset :sunglasses:

Great! I’m a complete novice with Halion 5 (it’s quiet a daunting looking sampler) so please forgive the silly questions.
I have managed to do as you said in your earlier post,but getting a bit lost with mapping more than one sample :frowning:
Do i need to add a mega trig for every sample?
If i make a program and map 15 samples will that all be done in the one program tree with 15 instances of megatrig ?
I must be getting close now to getting this up and running but was wondering if this isn’t to cheeky could you make me a program with a 3 or 4 samples mapped your way (they can be blank)and email me the preset patch ?
I can then see how you have made it and hopefully it will all make sense to me then.
No problem if you haven’t time,I’m off for our holidays for a month on Friday 29th Dec so if you don’t get round to it by then no worries I’ll look you up when we return
I cant thank you enough already for your time
Cheers :smiley:

Ahh hang on I’m having a breakthrough :slight_smile: so for 15 samples mapped i will need 15 layers with 15 megatrigs ?
Just managed to get two samples playing back so i think i’m winning
Thanks a million

Yes exactly :wink:
I would add something like “C1 to C2” to the layer name. This way you keep a clear overview of what layer does what.
Have great vacation!

All Completely sorted - one very happy customer - thank you so much for your expertise.
Managed to map 20 Samples all playing back as i need them too :smiley: :slight_smile: