Triggering Multple Loop Mash FX

I have a project with multiple instances of Loop Mash FX on different channels. Is there a way to give all my Loop Mash FX’s the midi feed from one midi track . So far I’ve found that I can create a midi track and use the sends to send to 4 Loop Mash FX’s at the same time but I have more than 4 instances and wanted to do it without duplicating midi tracks. Is there anyway to do this?


Yes, this is the way, to use MIDI Sends. You can Send it to another MIDI track(s) and from these Sends send it to the LoopMashes.

1 MIDI track source with 4 Sends, every is routed to the 4 another MIDI track. Every target MIDI track has another 4 sends, so you have 16 Sends. :wink: