Triggering sequence of sounds

Hello everybody!

I teach an indoor percussion group and we’re trying to trigger a sequence of sound bytes for a vocal line. With having to playing a completely different button/note for each word, I was wondering if there is a way to program all of the bytes into one single button, but in the correct sequence. Essentially, each time you would hit the note/button, the next event would be triggered (new vocal/sound/event).

A) is this even possible?
B) if yes, how is it accomplished?

Thanks for the help!


If I understand you right, then the Aaranger track can do this.

Sweet! Now, my next question. Can you make it so that each time you hit the button, the next sound byte is triggered? So far, all I’ve seen is things referring to setting a playlist and it plays automatically, and not by an individual trigger.

I hope that all makes sense. Hoping to solve this asap. Thanks!


In the left part of the Arranger Editor, you can define the Mode of every single Arranger event (in the M column). Select: Pause After Repeats. And set Repeats to 1, of course.

Cool, now how do you apply this to a particular button of a midi device setup?


In the Generic Remote Device, Learn the MIDI Message you want to use. In the lower part, set Device = Transport > Category = Device > Action = Start.

You can also use the spacebar Key Command, as a standard Play KeyCommand.

Then just make sure, the Arranger Mode is enabled.

once you’ve chopped up the bytes in the arranger, how do you, with one button, jump from one section to the next (from a MIDI device)?

With Martin’s idea, you’d create an audio track or tracks in Cubase that had all your samples, one after the other.

Then, create an Arranger Track and assign each sample to an Arranger Segment; then create an Arranger Chain and put a Pause after each event. Now you just have to hit the space bar to play the next segment. The operations manual explains all the details of using Arranger Track and it’s one of the best features in Cubase.

You could also use Groove Agent and put the existing Vocal Samples on different pads… However, with this method, you’ll have to hit more than one note, say an ascending chromatic scale, to trigger each sample. While Martin’s idea is an excellent one, for me, I’d be more comfortable using different notes on a midi controller or Pads to trigger the samples in a live percussion setting. Using Groove Agent would allow you to create a Drum Kit of samples and each one could be then processed inside GA. It sounds like a cool idea.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


See attached screenshot, please. I hope, this helps.
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.49.32.png

Martin, I’ve explored using “pause” and “repeat forever” options on the Arrange Track. Thanks for your post. :smiley: