Triggering the same MIDI note using 2 different octaves

I’m trying to work on a new playing setup for me, and one of the things I’d really like to do is to setup the same sound split over two sections of the keys.
The reason I want to do it is to be able to play very fast single,repeating note patterns using two hands. My piano technique is not that great and playing very fast 32nd notes on the same note with one hand is just not something I think I’ll be able to achieve even with a few years of practicing…

Anyway, so of course my first idea was to copy the same sound over two slots (using a VST or my physical keyboard) and transpose them to the same range. That works, but not exactly what I want: I want the sound to be monophonic (for bass sounds, for example), and getting both sounds gives an artificial decay which should not be there.

So, what I’ve been thinking is to split my keyboard, and send both splits to the same sound source/synth. When I did that, what happened was whenever I played the 2nd note in a sequence after playing the 1st note on the original synth, the ‘note off’ of each of them triggered a ‘note off’ for the whole sound, muting the sound completely even though the note I last played is still pressed.

I have a vague concept of what can be done with the Input Transformer or any of the midi inserts, but I’m not sure how. Does any of you have an idea?


I almost managed to do something using the transformer midi inserts but still not 100% there…