Triggers for Plops, Doits and Duration articulations

I’ve started to creating a few expression maps now and I’m currently working one for Vir2 MOJO 2 Horn Section , but I’ve run in to a few problems that I don’t know how to get around.
My lift/Rip sample and Plop sample need to be triggered from the approaching not and not the one it lands on.
I thought that I could use the Doit smooth to trigger this event as a workaround, but all the Doits seem to reference the same Doit technique.


In regards to that issue, I decide to try and create my own note heads and ornaments in order to work around this issue, but I cant find a way to link note-heads to playing techniques either.

I’ve allso got a few sample for differend fall length sample i could have added, but cant find in anything in the documentation and not from any midi information that the duration option trigger any event I can use.


  1. Are their way to separate the different Plops, Doint and their duration to their own respective playing techniques?

  2. Is their a way to use custom noteheads for playing techniques?

  3. If not, are there any workarounds for this?

All helps is appreciated.


The separate ways to notate these techniques, bend or smooth, are to give users their preference how to notate the technique: a plop is a plop (same playback) regardless how one chooses to notate it.

Thank you for your reply Derrek. The intent behind my question was not so clear, so I’ve edited the posted question to better state my intention for needing something like this.

You can’t trigger playback techniques from noteheads, and at the moment, no, you also cannot specify a different playback technique for each of the different visual appearances for the jazz articulations. In terms of workarounds, the best I can suggest is that you define new playing techniques that produce the desired playback techniques, and add them to the score, hiding them (either via the Hide property in the Properties panel, or using the jump bar or a keyboard shortcut to trigger the Hide/Show Item command).

Thank you for your suggestion, always appreciated!